Tower of Saint John (12th century)

he abbey of Saint-Germain, property of the city of Auxerre since 1984, was designated an historical monument and, as such, is accessible to the public.
The monastic buildings are reorganised as a museum. The upper part of the eastern wing houses the archaeological collections illustrating the Prehistoric and Antique periods of occupation in the department of the Yonne.

The Medieval collection is being arranged on the ground floor of the eastern wing, where are conserved the Sacristy, Chapter House and Monks' Hall built in the 12th century.

At the north, the former Monks' Refectory, dating to the end of the 17th century, houses an auditorium. To the west, the 14th century Cellarium   is used for temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition space consecrated to Prehistory
The Abbot's House (18th century), today entrance to the museum