Haymo, Commentary on Ezekiel, (Paris, B.N.F., lat. 12302, f° 2r)
our masters succeed one another as the head of the monastic school of Saint-Germain between 835/840 and 893, each having first been a student there before becoming a master :

MURETHACH, first of the Auxerre masters, was Irish.

A grammarian, he taught at Saint-Germain in the years 835-840/845. He the left Auxerre for Metz, where he joined the entourage of the archbishop Drogo, illegitimate son of Charlemagne.

There exist a score of manuscripts of his works. Dated to the 9th and 10th centuries, they originate from Champagne, the Lorraine and the Limousin, as well as from the Loire and Seine Valleys.

HAYMON, is the student of Murethach. He becomes master in his turn in the years 840/845-860.

He finishes his career at Saint-Germain in becoming the abbot of the dependent monastery of Cessy-les-Bois in the Nièvre.

The work of Haymo, which is for the most part exegetical, was used until the 16th century, principally in Clunisian and Cistercian circles, but by the secular clergy as well.

HEIRIC, the successor of Haymo, is somewhat better known.
He is born in 841, perhaps at Auxerre or in the region, as he parents offer him to the abbey as an oblate around 848. He is first a student of Haymo, then of Lupus of Ferrières and the School of Soissons before being ordained to the priesthood in 865.

Returning to Auxerre as master of the school, he wrote there a life of Saint Germain to which is joined a narrative of the miracles attributed to the saint. His death can be placed between 875 and 885.

REMIGIUS, became the head of the school at the death of Heiric.
His reputation leads him next to Reims, then to Paris, where he has as a student the future abbot of Cluny, Odo (abbot 927-942). He dies around the year 908.

His work concerns both the religious sphere with theological commentaries and the secular domain with commentaries on grammar or ancient authors.

Heiric, Life of Saint Germain, lat. 13757 (Paris, BNF,  lat. 13757