The Late Roman castrum (4th century) Saint-Maurice oratory
Situation of the monastery of Saints Cosme and Damian
(5th century)
ne of the sanctuaries founded by Germanus is found to the north of the city, outside the walls of the castrum on land belonging to his family.

It consisted no doubt of a simple oratory destined to house the relics of the holy martyrs of Agaune, Saint Maurice and his companions.

Germanus chose Saturninus, one of his disciples, to establish the cult there. He endowed his foundation with several properties in order to assure the revenue necessary to its subsistence

The bishop of Auxerre arranged shortly before his death that his body would be repatriated to his city. He was buried in the oratory that he had founded in honour of Saint Maurice the 1st of October 448.
This consists of a small edifice of rectangular plan including an apse at the east. Entry seems to be from the north by the intermediary of a gallery.

The fame of Germanus is such that he himself soon becomes the object of veneration.

The original oratory is integrated in the funerary basilica in which will be buried the majority of the bishops succeeding him.

Wall of the gallery, vestige of the city accompanying the oratory Reconstruction of the oratory
Tomb of Germanus