Statue of Germanus (of the transept of Saint-Germain d'Auxerre, 14th century)
uring his episcopate, Germanus founded in his city and his diocese several churches in which he established the cult of the saints whose relics he brought back from his different travels.

In the course of his first mission to the Pelagian Britons, he also made a pilgrimage to the tomb of Albans, martyred under the Roman domination around 300.

Having obtained bones from the body of the saint, he built on his return to Auxerre a basilica dedicated to this British martyr where he exposed the relics to the veneration of the faithful.

In the same manner, utilising relics of Saints Maurice of Agaune and Brisius, both martyred at the end of the 4th century, Germanus founded two cult places under their respective patronage, one to the north of the castrum of Auxerre, the other in the Puisaye.

The bishop is also equally reputed to have founded one of the first monasteries of Gaul on the bank of the Yonne opposite the episcopal city. Probably inspired by Saint Martin of Tours, he frequently retired there.

Portrait of Germanus (Haymo, Commentary on Ezekiel, Paris, BNF, lat. 12302, f 2)